crypto terms

A Brief Guide to the popular crypto terms

Cryptocurrencies are the virtual world’s core reality, and related terms are widely important for the crypto world. If you want to dive into the highly volatile and profitable world of cryptocurrencies, there are some terms that you should definitely know.

Popular Crypto Terms:

HODL, D-apps, Pos, and bitcoin, Blockchain are important terms related to cryptocurrencies.


Blockchain is one of the popular buzzwords in the crypto world. The term is widely used to define how cryptocurrency work. A blockchain is a digital ledger that facilitates all digital transactions. Crypto transactions are secured in the blocks. Blockchain technology is immutable and can not be altered. 


Address important parts of the digital world. It’s the designation where users send and receive digital signals. It’s similar to the bank account in the central transaction system. 


Cryptography is a technique that secures cryptocurrencies through codes. The cryptographic method is used to protect digital data. It uses microdots, merging words with an image-like method to protect the data from unethical usage


D-decentralized apps are an integral part of the DeFi system. Ethereum was a builder to support developers in creating unique DeFi projects and applications.  

-Crypto exchange

Crypto exchange is a marketplace of trading cryptocurrencies. Traders can buy and sell cryptocurrencies traded on these platforms.


Mining is a process that to verify the transactions on the blockchain network. It uses computational and technical power o verify the transaction on the blockchain network. Most importantly, mining stops the double spending of coins.

-Crypto wallet 

A crypto wallet is a place of storing crypto coins. Crypto wallets are safer, and only use them for sending and receiving money. These wallets could be of different types, such as software and hardware. Hardware wallets are more protective than software wallets.

-Proof of authority (PoA) 

Proof of authority signifies a person’s head to block the blockchain network. It gives authorities the power to fast and efficiently validate the transactions. PoA requires very less computational power or zero computational power.

-PoS (proof-of-stake)

Proof of stake consensus mechanism where validators create their own validator nodes.

Final Verdict

So, these are the popular crypto terms that everyone should know to understand more about this industry. It will be very helpful for you to make further investment decisions to go with a profitable approach.