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Best Crypto Exchanges without KYC Verification

KYC is one of the crucial components of crypto exchange that enhances the security of the users. However, if you are a trader, you might have noticed that many crypto exchanges will not allow you to trade in crypto without KYC because they don’t want criminals to access their details to prevent the risk of money laundering.

KYC is the crucial part that identifies whether the user is genuine or not. But sometimes, it becomes very complicated and makes the whole process hectic. So there are also exchanges available in the market that allow you to trade without KYC.

You don’t need to worry about security because those exchanges are also secure and reliable. However, this article will only be beneficial if you know about those exchanges. So here we have listed some of the best exchanges that support crypto trading without KYC.  

Key points

  • KYC is a method of verification that identifies the personal details of a user who uses a specific service.
  • Many crypto exchanges support trading without KYC verification.
  • Crypto exchanges without KYC provide the same level of security as non-KYC platforms.  

Best Exchanges of crypto without KYC Verification


Bybit is one of the best derivatives exchanges in the market that allows users to trade without KYC. This crypto exchange was established in 2018 and gained massive popularity quickly.

Currently, they have more than 1.2 million registered users, and this Platform is perfect for users who like making trading.

It offers a leverage of up to 100x on USD/BTC contracts and the power of up to 50x on the rest of the trading pairs.

This crypto exchange has increased because of its features and intuitive user interface. They have also added helpful guides, which will give you relevant tips for crypto trading.


PrimeXBT is one of the best copy platforms supporting trading without KYC. The Platform provides services for forex, leverage, stocks, and crypto. You can also access different trading pairs such as Ripple, Litecoin, EOS, ETH, and BTC.

In addition, Platform also has a customizable interface to help users add charts, indicators, and order types. It also works as a crypto scanner and has different mentors suitable for novice and intermediate traders.


Binance is also a popular exchange that allows trading in crypto without KYC. They have more than six million users and relatively lower fees than other crypto exchanges.

This exchange was founded in China but moved to Malta due to restrictions. However, users have no restrictions, and they can withdraw 2 BTC daily.  

They offer over 50 crypto trading pairs and are recommended for people who believe in advanced charting.

To create an account on Binance, users must fill in the email address and are ready to go. For Spot trading, users don’t need to submit KYC documents, but if the trading volume is higher, you have to submit KYC.


BitMEX is a new crypto exchange launched in 2018 but has extensive features to attract users’ attention.

The best thing about this exchange is that it offers margin trading for less liquid cryptocurrencies. There is no need to do KYC or AML for deposits and withdrawals.

This exchange has many altcoins to trade with, and the exchange also has an easy user interface. However, users must give their email address to Sign Up in exchange.

Users can withdraw 1 BTC daily, but in some instances, users have to submit KYC documents for withdrawal. Therefore, it is always best to read the guidelines before signing up.


KuCoin is a good crypto trading option that offers many altcoins to trade in. It is also a perfect alternative to Binance because of its convenient features.

It was launched in 2017 and had a huge user base; users don’t need to submit any verification document until the exchange observes any suspicious activity from your side. You must go with the KYC process if you want to increase your withdrawal limits by 2 BTC.

Kucoin is a significant exchange that offers many services for the user’s convenience. For example, users can do spot trading, derivatives, lending, staking, etc., and have a competitive fee structure.


Pionex is also a non-KYC crypto exchange platform. The Platform specializes in trading with crypto bots. It uses different bots to trade in different categories as well you can create customized bots. Plus, you can also access high-level derivatives contracts on all asset classes.

The Platform provides withdrawal limits Of $2000 for users of different countries. In addition, the Platform charges low trading fees that can be of considerable interest to the users.

It also protects from market manipulation on the network, which gives transparency and security to their funds. Additionally, the Platform serves speedy transactions with low transaction costs. Pionex has an easy-to-use API that is useful for developers.

Moreover, the Platform has an easy navigation user interface for different data types. The assets on the Platform are stored in its cold wallets, which are highly secure encrypted techniques. So users don’t have to compromise crypto funds. Hence Platform can be a good choice for the user who wants to trade in non -KYC based Platform.


CoinSwitch is a popular crypto exchange allowing users to trade crypto without KYC. It offers more than 400 crypto pairs, which makes it quite convenient for users.

This exchange was created in 2017 and has already crossed over one million transactions in just a few years. Users don’t need an account to start trading on this exchange.

It is an easy-to-use platform that allows placing transactions via Fiat currency. However, this crypto exchange works with multiple exchanges, so the transaction fee needs to be clarified.


Bitfinex is a popular exchange for crypto trading, providing extensive features. They have been in this field for over ten years and render their users the best trading experience.

They have unparalleled customer service, and users can do many things on this exchange, such as derivatives, trading, funding, securities, margin trading, etc.

This exchange has a simple user interface, offering different layouts for more convenience. Users only need to do KYC on this exchange once the withdrawal amount exceeds the limit of 2 BTC.


It is a popular crypto exchange that is based in UAE. They offer immense security for their customers to invest in financial independence.

They offer multiple spots and future markets that give leverage up to 100x, and users can set profits on Fiat assets. In addition, it allows users to withdraw unlimited times and offers new users a bonus of $100.

BTSE is a one-stop solution for all investors, and they have also gotten more than 1 million transaction requests till now. Moreover, it ensures safety by keeping all the funds in cold storage, which is immensely secure and horizontal scaling.

Final Words

These are the best exchanges where users don’t need to do KYC verification to trade in crypto. So, just read all the details about these crypto exchanges and finalize the crypto exchange at your convenience. We hope that this information remains helpful for you. Still, if you have any doubts, let us know in the comment section.


Q. Why use a non-KYC crypto exchange?

Ans. Non-Kyc crypto can help protect your privacy since they don’t require privacy to start trading.

Q. What is a non-KYC crypto exchange?

Ans. A Non-KYC exchange is a platform that doesn’t require users’ private details and documents to start trading on their Platform. These platforms are simple to use. You can create an account on these platforms without KYC verification.

Q. Is it safe to use a non-KYC crypto exchange?

Ans. Crypto Non-KYC exchanges involve certain risks because there is no verification to assure the Platform’s legitimacy. Therefore, they Could be highly susceptible to risks. However, many people chose these exchanges due to the convenience and easy registration process.

Q. Can I withdraw my cryptocurrencies from a non-KYC crypto exchange?

Ans. Yes, you can easily withdraw your fund from non -Kyc exchanges on your personal wallets. However, there could also be some fees for withdrawal on these exchanges.  

Q. Is it legal to use a non-KYC crypto exchange?

Ans. The legalization of crypto exchanges depends on the country you are living in. For example, in many countries, trading is illegal, while in some countries, they are apart from the financial system.