Cardano announced Vasil

Cardano finally announced the launch date, Vasil, on September 22

The latest upgrade in the Cardano ecosystem, Vasil is going to take place on September 22. Cardano is ready to cruise with the release of Vasil, its most well-liked new crypto update, scheduled just after the merge. On September 22, this update will be available for platform users, and it is great Cardano crypto news for investors.

After the much-awaited movement, Blockchain development network IOHK (Input -Output Hong Kong) announced the release date of Cardano’s popular hard fork, Vasil, on September 22. The update will bring many differences to the bitcoin network, making it more convenient and fastest.

In a series of tweets, IOHK confirmed the upgrade date (September 22), stating that it would be the most important, bringing many changes and greater capacity to the network.

The new hard fork is supported by significant cryptocurrencies exchange.

In a live stream on August 26, cofounder and Cardano’s founder, Charles Hoskinson, said that the release date of a new crypto Cardano upgrade would likely depend on the significant cryptocurrency exchange movement after the news.

Most people rush and push through as the big release date is announced; IOHK said that most leading cryptocurrency exchange platforms have already started updating their nodes, prompting better transactions and an efficient system.

At the same time as the Ethereum merge, the Vasil upgrade is scheduled. The native currency of Cardano, ADA, is performing well following the upgrade as of the announcement date. The digital asset is currently trading at $0.4584, and coin prices will likely increase as the upgrade date approaches.

Key Takeaways-

  • Cardano needs to be the best-decentralized application development platform with verifiable smart contracts.
  • It mainly runs on a Proof-of-stake consensus mechanism.
  • Cardano is a Blockchain platform that was founded in 2015 and launched officially in 2017.

The release of Vasil on September 22 was announced by the Cardano designing and developing team on Twitter, Input Output Hong Kong (IOHK); Cardano new update is considered the second biggest crypto news of the year after the ethereum merge.

Experts predict that the price of ADA will change drastically due to this hard fork. Furthermore, EDA is expected to grow in the future, according to most participants in a recent survey conducted on However, less than 20% of participants understand that this positive statement does not support the ADA.

What is Vasil?

Vasil is the upgrade on the Cardano network named after a Cardano community member Vasil St. Dabo. He is tackling the various features of the Cardano network. Due to his contribution, the update is named the Vasil hard fork. The update will improve the network efficiency and transaction speed.

Vasil is integrating a new technical method known as diffusion pipelining, which will improve the block propagation times and result in higher outputs.

When will the second round of hard forks begin?

Hard Fork is a complex process that cannot be done in a single time. So the first round of the upgrade is expected to complete around September 22. Meanwhile, the other part of the update will take effect after around one week, on September 27.

According to a report, the second round of the update will be more centered on the Plutus cost model. Vasil’s original upgrade was scheduled in June. Still, it is delayed and now happening in September 2022.

The deadline was pushed since the developers wanted to ensure smooth and full functionality of the network. Although the network is upgraded now, the network is facing the consequences of delays. ADA has recorded a gradual decline that can continue for a few months.

What benefits does the Vasil hard fork offer?

The Vasil, a new hard fork in the Cardano ecosystem, hopes to bring several things for the Cardano community users, improving network efficiency, scalability, and performance. Even if this is not the first time any coin is going through an upgrade, Vasil upgrade can benefit users greatly.

The hard fork can strengthen the capacity of the Cardano network providing developers with better space to build Defi apps and low transactional costs to the users.

Following the previous upgrade Alonzo the last year, this latest upgrade to the network introduces a new theory known as diffusion pipelining. With this, the Cardano ecosystem has better data processing and faster transaction speed.

Furthermore, three important Cardano Improvement proposals, CIP-31, CIP-32, and CIP-33, also came into existence.

Most exchange platforms will support Vasil. According to IOHK, most exchanges already support the move by upgrading their nodes to the latest hard fork. The move is expected to bring a seamless technical transition.

In addition, the update will help developers to create decentralized applications within the smart contract of the Cardano blockchain.


The upgrade in the Cardano network will ease the data-sharing process among different network participants. Moreover, for those who believe in the potential decentralization of apps, the ADA token can offer very lucrative rewards and sell significant price increases in the future.

Therefore, Cardano crypto news is expected to be a top choice for investors after the hard fork. However, investing is your personal decision, so we suggest you research before making any investment decision.


Q. What is the Vasil upgrade?

Ans.  Vasil’s upgrade will bring the new Cardano ecosystem, where the network will be more efficient. In addition, the upgrade aims to solve all the difficulty and scalability issues.

Q. Does Cardano have a future?

Ans.  Yes, Experts believe Cardano has a better future than other cryptos. With continued development in its ecosystem, we can see Cardano going in a positive direction in 2023.

Q. What happens to crypto after a hard fork?

Ans. A hard fork can break the crypto network into two parts requiring transaction validations previously considered invalid.

Q. Is Cardano good long-term?

Ans. Cardano has very reasonable transaction fees and speed, making it a suitable crypto for regular transactions. Subsequently, the team is constantly working on its improvements, and it can be a good option for long-term investment.

Q. What will Cardano peak at?

Ans. Experts predict that Cardano will have a better future in the long term as the network is constantly improving, and the current upgrade in the network is a good sign. It is assumed that by the end of 2025, the coin can reach up to $2.15.