Japan Wingarc1st

Carlyle plans IPO for Japan’s WingArc1st

Carlyle Group is a global investment firm that has won the initial public offerings (IPO) approval for Japan Wingarc1st. You would be surprised to know that this was the third attempt to list this software.

Wingarc1st provides Enterprise Output Management (EOM) and Business Intelligence (BI) software. Carlyle sold its entire stack in Wingarc1st’s IPO, equaling 40% of the outstanding shares.

Wingarc1st’s headquarter is in Tokyo and helps enterprise users by providing, maintaining, and installing the best software solutions. Their core products are EOM and BI software, which hold a leading position in Japan, and the users mainly recognize them for high-quality technology with reliability.

About Carlyle Group

Carlyle Group is a global investment firm in Tokyo that has gained deep industry expertise that deploys private capital in different business segments. Those segments are Global Private Equity, Global Credit, and Investment Solutions.

Carlyle Group has made some notable investments in Japan. One of the most popular investments was in McDonald’s franchises in 2017 and various other industries such as healthcare, technology, financial services, etc.

Moreover, they work closely with portfolio companies that will help in achieving strategic goals and meeting their objectives. The Carlyle Group is getting quite famous for its private equity investments.

Overall, Carlyle’s firm reflects the firm commitment to investing in high-growth markets and supporting business development in Japan.

  • The Carlyle Group is a global investment firm that was launched in 1987.
  • Carlyle Group’s headquarters is in Washington, DC, with offices worldwide.
  • The firm has invested in several industries, including health, technology, consumer goods, and energy.
  • Carlyle Group has more than 1,800 employees worldwide, including investment professionals, operation staff, and other supporting staff.
  • Carlyle primarily focuses on value creation and operational improvements if they invest in that particular company.

About Wingarc1st

Wingarc1st is a famous Japan’s software company that specializes in developing the best enterprise software solutions. This company was founded in 1970 as a software development firm. The company has grown consistently by providing the best software solutions for businesses in Japan and worldwide.

Currently, Wingarc1st offers a wide range of software-based solutions, such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, Human Resource Management (HRM), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Business Intelligence (BI), etc. In addition, the company also provides consulting services with custom software development to meet clients’ specific needs.

Various industries, such as healthcare, retail, financial services, manufacturing, and many more, use wingarc1st products. The company is committed to using the latest technologies and providing innovative solutions with streamlined operations, increased efficiency, and drive growth.

In addition to the headquarters in Osaka, Wingarc1st’s offices are also in China, the United States, and Tokyo. The company’s global reach is sufficient to show its commitment to delivering worldwide.

Carlyle announced Wingarc1st Listing for the first section of the Tokyo Exchange

Wingarc1st helps enterprise users effectively use internal data by providing, installing, and maintaining software solutions. Carlene acquired 100% of Wingarc1st in April 2016 and worked closely with the management to set and execute strategies effectively by drawing industry insights and global resources.

The key initiatives include reinforcing the company’s management structure and governance and streamlining the portfolio through divestments. In addition, Carlyle and the management team have worked together to take the company public to support the next growth phase.

Till now, Carlyle has made tremendous growth over the past few years toward the corporate value of Wingarc1st. Moreover, Wingarc1st aspires to reach many people through data by developing technologies and innovative solutions in Japan.

Carlyle has made around 27 investments in Japan since 2000 and has supported various Japanese companies in expanding business overseas, enhancing operational efficiency, and strengthening management infrastructure.

Carlyle has invested over $24 billion of equity in more than 250 deals in the global technology sector.


Wingarc1st is a big hit for everyone because they have been listed with a market capitalization of $475 million.

It is the first company to pull off an IPO in Tokyo after failing twice to do so. Carlyle and Tokyo Stock Exchange have decided not to comment because they don’t want the information to come to the public.


Q. What does Wingarc1st do?

Ans. Wingarc1st is a software-based company in Japan that provides Enterprise Output Management and Business Intelligence Software.

Q. What is Carlyle?

Ans. Carlyle is a global investment firm specializing in equity, private assets, and credit.

Q. Why does Carlyle plan for the IPO of Wingarc1st?

Ans. An IPO allows the company to enter public capital markets, which can be used for fund growth and other strategic objectives. Additionally, an IPO can enhance the visibility and credibility of a company in the marketplace.