What is a Cookie?

Cookies are the small files created by the website having some data on their website. These cookies are stored on the visitor’s device. There are types of cookies placed, session and non-session. 

A session cookie is stored temporarily on the website when a user is browsing the website, and the cookies will be erased when the person stops browsing that website. At the same time, a non-session cookie remains on the computer until it gets deleted. 

We are just using these cookies to know how visitors interact on our website, and it also helps improve the total performance when someone visits our website.

Site Functionality

The share button is used by visitors when they want to share some content from our website to any social media network such as Facebook and Twitter. The cookies we use let us know how the share function is used so that we can improve the site’s performance. 

For some of the functions, we also use third-party cookies on our website, so when you visit our website from any YouTube video links, these links contain third-party cookies. 

Cookies we use

We are using Google Analytics, which gives up a complete report of what visitors are doing on the website. The aggregate level gives us information on how visitors use the website and how many pages are displayed. It helps us know where the visitors are coming from to improve the user’s experience. If you don’t accept the cookies, it will store no information.

How to reject cookies?

We never use cookies to collect personal information about a visitor. Users who don’t want to share information can block the cookies in the browser’s settings by just tapping on the Help section.  

You should know that many browsers accept cookies automatically, and if you don’t want to accept cookies, you can delete or block the cookies by visiting the browser’s settings.