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Credible Crypto- What are the risks of Crypto Scams

(Are you Confused about the crypto investment? Here, look out for the common traits that make the crypto industry susceptible to risks)

Cryptocurrency is a familiar thing for people. It has grown immensely in popularity in the past few years. But this popularity has also increased the chances of scams, and people doubt the credibility of the crypto industry.

The crypto industry witnessed record-breaking growth in crypto scams in 2021. According to data published by the Blockchain analysis, fraudsters have stolen approx $14 billion dollars from the market. Scammers are always looking for new ways to steal your money. 

The government has yet to make strict regulations for it, which is why getting a refund is impossible. The scammers take advantage of it and start deceiving people differently. You should know about cryptocurrency scams.


Key points:-

  • Crypto frauds have become commonplace for fraudsters, and hackers have stolen approx $14 billion from the market in 2021.
  •  A large number of scams start with people asking for payment as part of financial fraud detection.
  • Many people doubt credible Crypto, but the reality is that scammers can deceive you only if you share your private or personal data.


Is Crypto a scam?

The crypto industry is new, and many people are still unaware. It has a nuanced technical nature, which gives rise to scams in the crypto industry. Unfortunately, scammers are leveraging this opportunity and rising crypto scams differently.

Everyone knows a cryptocurrency is legitimate, but no legitimate organization will ask or request you to make payments through Cryptocurrency. If someone is asking to do it, it is a red flag for you, as they are impacting the flow of credible Crypto and giving rise to crypto scams.

Cryptocurrency is already getting a wider prominence, but still, it has not been regulated by any industry as a default mode of payment for any institution.


Fraud Protection

If you receive a mail or message from anyone asking for crypto payment to secure things should be concerned as a red flag. A large number of scams start with people asking for payment as part of financial fraud detection. But in reality, no financial institution asks for any such kind of payment. This will only benefit investors due to the difficult refund process or tracing related Cryptocurrency.

They will claim that they are detecting fraudulent activities on your account while no institution is going through this process. We are impacting credible Crypto with our mistakes only because no one can deceive you until you share private data or information with them.

The FBI reports that scammers can call you, disguised as a fraudulent detection team member, asking for different information. If you did not initiate a contact from your side, It is always better to hang up on these calls in order to prevent fraud directly. If the call is genuine, officials will not have any problem accessing your account details and discussing a flag transaction.     

However, fraudsters will require you to verify your account in a legitimate way, but actually, they are getting your account details. Scammers can tell you they need access to your account to complete the verification process. It is a giant trap where many people get stuck and lose their hard-earned money, certainly if a financial institution requesting that should already have the basic information, file account, and past addresses.

You should know that scammers are always in a hurry to deceive you, so if someone forces you to act quickly, you are dealing with a scammer and must prepare for the situation. So, you must make credible Crypto and stay aware of all the scams.

Crypto Investment Scams

We all know that the crypto industry is volatile, allowing users to earn enormous profits in a short time. In addition, its diversification has attracted many investors to become part of this industry. But, this also made it expected that there is always a risk of making losses simultaneously.

Someone might offer you different schemes to invest some amount and get higher returns in the short term. So if you hear these things, be aware that they are setting a trap for you; you must be very cautious about them.

Many people doubt the credibility of Crypto, but the reality is that scammers can deceive you only if you share your private or personal data. Furthermore, no one can deceive you if you stay intelligent and aware of all the risks.


Facebook Scams

The most common reason fraudsters use Cryptocurrency is they are different to get back once they are sent. For example, Facebook is commonplace for fraud as many people and businesses connect there for different purposes.

Many transactions are placed on Facebook Marketplace, and many complaints are already registered about fraud happenings. Many people buy and sell things on the Facebook marketplace, and others will ask for crypto payments on this marketplace.

If a seller is requesting payment in Cryptocurrency, the safer option would be if you offer them cash. As we have already said, once a crypto payment is sent it can not be refunded easily. So, if someone asks you to make payments in Cryptocurrency, tell them you will be interested in paying through cash directly.

There are many credible Crypto available in the market that you can buy without any hesitation. But you must be very careful about the possibilities of risks and scams that may happen anytime with you.


Cryptocurrencies are assets that exist entirely in digital form. Apart from that, other factors also make cryptocurrencies different from fiat currency. For example, since cryptocurrencies are susceptible to fraud, keeping your Cryptocurrency in your wallet and never trusting an illegitimate source is often suggested.


What are common cryptocurrency scams?

The most common crypto scams are rug pulls, phishing, Ponzi, and investment schemes.

How do you avoid getting scammed with Crypto?

The best way to avoid crypto scams is to be aware of the scammer’s techniques and alert them. Learn about the common scams, signs, and alert methods to protect yourself against these frauds.

How does crypto fraud happen?

Crypto fraud can happen in ways such as Phishing attacks, Ponzi schemes, fake initial coin offerings, pump dump offerings, or fake exchange platforms. In all these cases, the fraudsters’ main motive is to steal your funds.

How can I protect myself from crypto fraud?

To protect from crypto fraud, you should be careful when investing or dealing with cryptocurrencies. You should be watchful while making any investment, do your research, and never invest in schemes that claim high benefits with little risk. Apart from that, you also should keep your private keys and passwords safe.  

Can crypto fraud be prevented?

While it’s impossible to prevent crypto fraud completely, it can be avoided by taking some steps. Generally, government and regulatory bodies taking few measures to control Cryptocurrency can reduce the associated risks.