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Crypto Prices Today: Market Recover after sustaining losses

(After a bearish season, the crypto recover market is gradually making a comeback. )

Finally, Some good news for investors, the crypto market is back in the green zone after sustaining losses continuously. Bitcoin and other altcoins also moved to the green area and started trading with some gains. Overall, a good crypto recover has been analyzed in the last 24 hours.

The market capitalization of cryptocurrencies increased by 4.49% to $947.52 billion, while their trading volume dropped by 17% to 71.56 billion.

The top-gaining crypto market was Ripple, which has taken a massive lead of 26.77% and reached $0.5141, while the top loser was Terra Classic, which declined by 5.03% and went to $0.0002695. Although, the most trending crypto was Prosper.

Key points

  • The crypto market is gradually recovering after a long period of a bearish trend.
  • Analysts believe inflation is the main reason for the crypto market meltdown.
  • The market capitalization of cryptocurrencies increased by 4.49% to $947.52 billion, while trading volume dropped by 17% to 71.56 billion.

Cryptocurrency Prices

Bitcoin started gaining every hour and its positive journey; with each passing hour, it touched a new height. The price of Bitcoin rose by 3.75% to $19,393.84, but still, it’s not crossed the $20,000 level.

The highest intraday price of Bitcoin was $19,497.70, and its lowest was $18,813.46. The total volume was down by 7.97% to $35,896,199,455.

Ethereum experienced mixed sentiments in the past 24 hours with too many ups and downs. First, the price reached the $1260 level, then rose to $1340. After that, the price of Ethereum rose by 5.83% to $1335.

Currently, ETH is trading at its highest level, where the lowest price of Ethereum was moving at $1257.86 while its trading volume was down by 16.26% and reached $18,018,251,023.

Other Altcoins

Binance rose by 3.62% and reached $274.22, where its 24-hour trading volume went down by 22.71% to $834,098,669.

Ripple also rose by 26.77% to $0.5141, and its trading volume was up by 57.2% to $5,316,283,433 in the past 24 hours.

Cardano also rose by 5.43% to 0.4591, and the trading volume also rose by 58.4% to $1,095,913,838.

Meme Coin

Dogecoin has shown a gain of 4.7% and reached $0.05989 and the 24-hour trading volume by 35.69% to $250,121,246.

Shiba Inu was also up with a movement of 4% to $0.00001086.

Crypto market in the first half of 2022

The crypto market of 2022 has been a reality check for investors who have put a high sum of the fund in the market. Bitcoin and Ethereum fell approx 50 % after their all-time high last year.

Not only has crypto had some of its worst months this year, but it also crushed the hope of investors looking to make big bucks considering the market to be less volatile with its recover.

While last year was the best for cryptocurrency, where one of the top cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, hit an all-time high of approx $69,000 in November 2021 the overall bitcoin total capitalization was $3 trillion.

Ethereum, the second cryptocurrency by market capitalization, also recorded a positive response reaching all time. However, later it crashed below $900 in June, its lowest since the start of the year.

This year’s crypto market opened with high optimism and positive hope for crypto enthusiasts. But the macroeconomic events, interest rate increases by the US Federal Reserve, and inflation dimmed the hope for the growing market.

And as expected, the market experienced one of the worst few months in decades. However, there was still some positive response for the ethereum and Cardano-like coins which went through the upgradation process and continue to offer better performance for efficiency for the users.

Ethereum merge was considered one of the year’s biggest events, which has improved the efficiency and performance of the ethereum network.

Cryptocurrencies — in the Bigger picture

Crypto winter is not good for investors due to many challenging events such as prolonged global inflation, recession, pandemic and several factors, but these events will not last forever. Gradually, the market is recovering after a sustained period of dip.

Market history shows the crypto market is highly volatile, but it tends to recover soon, as quickly the market collapses as soon it also recovers. This unpredictable nature of the crypto market sometimes also creates confusion for big investors. However, the market can recover soon and crypto investors will likely retain interest.

Investors have to be patient with the market, Mr Kopelman says.

Cryptocurrencies are limited, and this directly affects their prices. Another main driver for the crypto volatility is the fear sentiments which are equally responsible for the influence of its prices.


Though this year has yet to be successful for crypto, we can expect it to recover soon. In 2023, we can expect a growing number of cryptocurrencies. Market sentiments are the most significant driver in the growth and downfall of cryptocurrency. Therefore, we expect the future to be favorable, and investors can get a better return for their investments .


Q. Will crypto show recover again after a crash?

Ans. Yes, experts believe crypto will recover soon, and its signs are getting visible.

Q. Which crypto will boom now?

Ans. Defi is the top coin for crypto enthusiasts. It is a BEP-20 token that can grow in 2023.

Q. When will the crypto bear market end?

Ans. Experts believe the crypto bear trend will end by the end of the year, and the market will rise again.