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Crypto shows that we can watch on Netflix

Looking for the best crypto show recommendation on Netflix? Here we listed some of the best shows that should be on your bucket list.

Not only in the real world, but cryptocurrencies have also become the inspiration for fiction, books, movies, documentaries, and many more. Many online books and shows describe how cryptocurrencies have grown immensely over time.

Today, we live in an era where people are curious to know more about cryptocurrencies; thus, they explore many ways to learn about digital assets.

So, Netflix is one of the best ways to learn and better understand anything like cryptocurrency. You can watch plenty of crypto shows on Netflix to better understand the digital world.

Netflix has 320 million subscriptions, one of the biggest OTT platforms for movie shows and documentaries. So today, more people are finding great value in following crypto shows on the OTT platforms like Netflix.

If you are casually browsing and looking for crypto shows on Netflix. We have compiled a list of the best shows that you can watch right at the moment. Netflix offers some of the best shows and documentaries on cryptos and blockchain.

Crypto Shows to watch on Netflix

So, let’s dive into some of the most binge-worthy shows on blockchain and cryptocurrency.

  • Banking on Bitcoin

Banking on Bitcoin is one of our top recommendations on Netflix, covering everything from its inception to exploration and development in the global space.

It is one of the best Netflix crypto shows that will provide a complete overview of the journey of Bitcoin from 2008 to 2016. The show covers everything from the beginning, its inception, comprehensive knowledge of Bitcoin and Blockchain, how the journey of the digital assets started, fundamentals, and Bitcoin exploration.

Christopher Cannucciari directed the show in 2016. It is a 1.5-hour documentary that accord with the extensive expertise of Bitcoin and its history. It can be the perfect option for beginners keen to learn about cryptocurrencies.

Released as a crypto show in independent cinemas US, banking on the Bitcoin expert explores the extensive history of cryptographic technology, blockchain, and the role of Satoshi Nakamoto in the origin of Bitcoin.

The documentary explores all angles of Bitcoin and cryptos, including interviews with top owners who use Bitcoin currency. Here you will also witness how Bitcoin faces challenges in becoming one of the most significant coins by market capitalization.

One thing’s sure: documentaries are one of the most educational resources for people looking to learn about cryptos.

  • Explained: Cryptocurrency

If you are looking for a short and articulate movie that will explain everything about blockchain and digital currencies. Well, Netflix presents you with the best documentary, explained. This series covers everything about the Bitcoin landscape in a transparent manner that can provide viewers with insight from scratch.

This series by Vox covers a wide range of topics, from the rise of cryptocurrency to how it works. However, if you are a beginner and want a quick understanding, then you should stream episode 16th, which will give you complete information about cryptocurrencies and the world behind them.

The series thoroughly explains everything, from Bitcoin’s creation to becoming one of the world’s largest cryptos. Therefore, the documentary can be the best option for people who need more time but want a quick overview of cryptocurrencies.

  • Money, Explained

Another great series on our bucket list is money by vox media. The series is the upgrade on the vox media previous series, explained. The fifth part of the series presents what we are doing with money days and how we are spending or where we are using this money.

The episodes of the series cover topics such as get-rich-quick schemes, bank games, credit card systems, the history of pensions, and many other essential things about the financial system.

This documentary explains the vulnerabilities of using different currencies. In the first episode, users will get a complete overview of cryptocurrencies and the biggest scams in the crypto world, Onecoin, which will be investigated in the next episodes.

The series also details the various crypto fraudulent schemes, including the difference between Ponzi schemes and pyramid schemes that constantly confuse the crypt space. It clarifies the difference between a pyramid scheme and a multilayer business.

There is a sweeping tale in the first episode and how users can prevent getting deceived by anyone. The series primarily focuses on money and how we borrow, invest, and save it. This short series will let you know how the scam is done.

  • Banking on Africa- The Bitcoin Revolution

This documentary revolves around two African Bitcoin pioneers- Alakanani Itireleng, founder of the Satoshi center, and Lorien Gamaroff, founder of Usizo. The documentary mainly focused on the African continent, aiming to leverage cryptocurrencies to eliminate their dependency on the traditional financial system.

The movie explains the use of crypto and tells some life-changing stories in Africa. They have explored how crypto technology has improved the lifestyle of millions of people. It is a perfect story for people who want to investigate cryptocurrencies and their social impact.

  • Bitcoin: The End of Money as we know it

This award-winning documentary explains everything about the crypto landscape. The story goes back to the ancient world of bartering societies to the trading floors of Wall Street, tracing the history of money.

It also brought attention to the financial creation of the central banks, which transformed the financial world. Eye-opening and inspiring, the series covers some of Africa’s most realistic crypto stories.

  • The Million Dollar Code

The million dollar code is the next show that holds a place on our list. The show was released in 2021 on Netflix. The show’s plot is centered on the patent infringement lawsuit in 2014 against Google, which allegedly used TerraVision to create Google Earth. The story revolves around the real-life patent dispute between Google vs Terra Vision.

Several years later, screenwriter Oliver Ziegenbalg decided to bring the story to the people. Thus, on October 7, 2021, the story was released on the popular OTT platform Netflix.

The show revolves around a fictional character Brian Anderson who founded Keyhole Inc to design a planet browser. The film was based on real evidence that lasted till 2017. In addition, the script uses absolute statements from the court.

Though this story is not entirely based on cryptocurrency, it indirectly drives the attention of the cryptocurrency who want to learn about cyber security.

  • StartUp¬†

The startup is another great series on our list that stumbled upon a new success. It is an excellent drama about crypto enthusiasts that provides diverse digital currency and blockchain knowledge. The show perfectly explains the unpuzzled history of the dark web with slow-burn drama that is not so rosy on the other side.

The story’s plot revolves around four young strangers who find themselves due to similar stories. This slow-burning drama aired in 2016 but got that much attention when its third season was released last year.

  • Crypto (2019)

It is one of the best dramas on Netflix with crypto that has become popular among crypto enthusiasts and normal audiences. The show covers everything from the beginning to the evolutionary aspects of cryptocurrency.

John Stalberg Jr initially directed the film in 2019, featuring Beau Knapp, Alexis Bledel, and Luke Hemsworth. The show’s philosophical ideology allows the audience to understand the emerging blockchain concept.


Q. Are there any crypto documentaries?

Ans. Many documentaries on crypto on Netflix and other platforms are available. Especially Netflix offers plenty of choices for investors. For example, if you are looking for a short and sweet documentary on bitcoin, then Beyond the Bubble can be a good choice.

Q. Who has the best crypto content?

Ans. Netflix has the best crypto series and documentaries. In addition, Netflix offers you crypto on series in various arrays.

Q. What are the three best cryptos?

Ans. If you see, a wide choice of cryptos is available to trade in. However, Bitcoin, ethereum, and Solana are considered three of teh eBay crypto based on their market capitalization.

Q. Which crypto will grow fastest?

Ans. Despite thousands of coins available in the market, Solana is one of the fastest-growing digital coins in crypto.


Users can watch these best Netflix Crypto shows to understand cryptocurrencies deeply. We have suggested these shows for educational purposes, which are written after in-depth research by our writers.

We hope that the information remains helpful for you. This blog should not be taken as an investment decision. We strictly recommend you do your research and invest at your own risk.