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Daily Crypto News: Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Quant rise with a slant margin

The Crypto market moved with a mixed segment where some crypto coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum were rising, and some other altcoins were trading with losses. Therefore, analysis of daily crypto news is essential to anticipate market trends.

Ripple was also down, but the daily trading volume rose by 400%, which is big crypto news that investors are showing trust in Ripple. Ripple has been stagnant for a long time, but a new bull movement brings some hope for its rise.

The most trending crypto was Viberate, a popular music analytics platform. Overall, the crypto market cap fell by 0.07% to $941.69, but the total trading volume went up by 11.86% and went to $78.24 billion.

The top-gaining crypto was Quant, which rose by 5.95% to $142.94. Conversely, Celsius was the top-losing crypto in the last 24 hours, which declined by 6.61% to $1.35.

Key Points

  • Crypto Market traded with mixed sentiments, with Ethereum and Solana rising and other coin coins dealing with the losses.
  • Viberate was the most trending cryptocurrency within 24 hours.
  • The crypto market cap fell by 0.07%, reaching $941.69.

Cryptocurrency Prices

Bitcoin was trading with some gains during the day, but then there was a fall, dragging the price to $19,250, but in just an hour, the price rose and reached $20,000. But this rise was ineffective for so long, and the price decreased to $19,500.

The price of Bitcoin fell by 0.11% to $19,422.87, where its intraday price was $19,265.66, and the trading volume went up by 1.68% to $41,277,911,364.

Ethereum remained range-bound between $1320 and $1360 in the previous 24 hours. The price was moving up and down, but not much volatile; the lowest intraday price of Ethereum was $1320.38, where its trading volume went up by 5.29% to $13,243,231,995.

The price of Ethereum rose by 0.17% to $1331.54.

Other Altcoins

Ripple was down by 1.26% and reached $0.4739, where its 24-hour trading volume went up by 412% to $19,371,955,943.

Solana was down by 3.1% and reached $33.07.

Cardano fell by 0.75% to $0.4343, and its trading volume also dropped by 4.94% to $528,041,695.

Binance got a slight gain of 0.06% to $284.18, and the trading volume went up by 9.9% to $877,160,193.

Meme Coins

Dogecoin also rose by 2.24% to $0.06183, whereas its trading volume was up by 88.44% to $442,775,450.

Shiba Inu also went up by 2.23% to $0.00001137.

The crypto expectation for the Upcoming quarter

The overall crypto market is expected to be bullish in the coming months. However, analyzing the current market scenario, experts believe the market will not be favorable for crypto in the next quarter. But after, the market will move in a bullish direction.

Crypto has been experiencing mixed sentiments over the past few weeks. The price of Bitcoin and other crypto has been falling since the start of August; investors are still determining whether the investment will go in their favor or not. Moreover, September is about to end, and investors are wondering whether bitcoin will recover or not.

Bitcoin is continually moving around the $20,000 zone over the past few weeks. After the slow drag for a longer time, bitcoin can recover soon. The crypto market will recover at the end of December.

Initially, the market did not perform well, but slowly the market is turning bearish. In this line, experts predict that Bitcoin can surge by 36% from its current value.


Crypto is the top investment option that can make anyone rich quickly. However, one common cause of these assets is their volatility. Investing in any asset is a personal choice, so Before making an investment decision, do well research, learn about then finally invest.


Q. Will crypto recover in 2023?

Ans. Yes, Analysts believe that the daily crypto news market will recover soon. Currently, The market is facing some losses. But it will soon turn in a positive direction. Some analysts also believe that Bitcoin can reach $25000 by the end of march 2023.

Q. How is cryptocurrency different from traditional currency?

Ans. Cryptocurrency is completely different from digital currency because any government does not control it. Instead, they rely on the blockchain, which keeps everything secure by cryptography.

Q. What will be the price of Bitcoin in 2023?

Ans. As per the coin market cap, The price of Bitcoin can reach up to the $25000 level at the end of 2023.

Q. Is it worth buying crypto now?

Ans. Currently, the market is experiencing a downfall. However, we can expect the market to recover soon. Crypto is one of the most profitable investment options of 2023, and buying crypto will be beneficial anytime.

Q. Will Bitcoin be here forever?

Ans. Bitcoin is one of the top cryptocurrencies by market capitalization. Though it was introduced long ago, the Bitcoin ecosystem is still evolving.

Q. Is Bitcoin’s future safe?

Ans. Like other currencies, Bitcoin is also a risk investment asset. This is because its price can fluctuate anytime, depending on the market situation.