Linda Jeng

Georgetown Law’s Linda Jeng Sec’ Crypto

Linda Jeng is a reputed professor at Georgetown Law school who has been considered an expert in securities law and financial regulation. Moreover, she is also a general counsel and Chief Regulatory Officer at Crypto Council for innovation.

She has written and spoken exclusively on legal and regulatory issues surrounding cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology. She has a clinical focus on securities law implications of crypto offerings, such as initial and security token offerings.

Apart from all these things, Linda Jeng has also stated the challenges of regulating virtual currency and the advantages of Blockchain technology in the financial market.

She is an Associate Professor of Law and Executive Director of the Georgetown Institute of International Economic Law at Georgetown Law School. Her research and teaching focus on securities regulation, financial technology, and international economic law.

Range of Issues explored by Linda Jeng

In context with crypto currencies and Blockchain technology, Linda Jeng has explored a range of issues, which includes-

  • The regulatory landscape for digital assets and initial coin offerings (ICOs), including the Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) approach to determining whether a token constitutes a security.
  • Use of Block chain technology in the financial markets, potential benefits, and the real challenges of distributed ledger technology for financial regulations.
  • The role of a Self-Regulatory Organization for overseeing crypto exchanges and other market participants.
  • The intersection of crypto and AML regulations comes up with the challenges of tracing transactions and identifying beneficial owners.

Jeng’s scholarship on these topics has appeared in leading law journals, such as the Georgetown Law Journal and the University of Pennsylvania Journal of Business Law. She has also been quoted in various media outlets, including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and Bloomberg Law.

Additionally, Linda Jeng is a frequent speaker on all the issues related to the Blockchain and crypto industries. She actively participates in events and conferences hosted by different organizations.

Linda Jeng’s Background and Research

  • Linda Jeng holds JD from Harward school, where she was also the editor of Harvard Law Review and a BA from Yale University.
  • While joining Georgetown Law school, Linda Jeng also practiced at a leading international law firm. Moreover, she advised clients on security offerings and some other corporate transactions.
  • Jeng is also a member of Digital Currency, which advocates the rights of individuals and organizations involved in crypto transactions.
  • In addition to her academic work, Jeng has testified before Congress on issues related to financial regulation and served as a consultant to international organizations such as the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank.
  • Jeng has also authored several articles and reports on Blockchain and Financial regulation, including information on the regulatory implications of Stablecoin.

Overall, Linda Jeng is a leading authority on all legal and regulatory issues related to cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology.

Linda SEC’s enforcement action on Crypto

Linda Jeng has spoken and written extensively on Securities and Exchange Commission Enforcement action against Digital asset offerings, Initial coin offerings, and other token sales.

Linde has also argued that SEC’s approach to regulating digital currencies and token sales have been consistent for a long time with the traditional approach to holding securities. However, it has also been noted that cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology’s unique features present new challenges for regulators.

Linda also emphasized the importance of clear regulatory frameworks for Crypto and Blockchain technology. She has also been called to work with regulators and stakeholders collaboratively to develop frameworks.

Bottom Line

Overall, Linda Jeng’s work on SEC enforcement actions and crypto regulations more broadly. It has been influential in shaping the policy debate around such issues and working on advancing and developing effective frameworks for cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Technology.


Q. What is SEC’s enforcement action on Crypto?

Ans. The SEC has taken enforcement action against several crypto-currency offerings, including initial coin offerings that breach US federal security laws. SEC has also claimed that many tokens in these offerings constitute securities.

Q. Why is Linda discussing SEC’s enforcement action on Crypto?

Ans. Linda is a leading authority in securities law and some financial regulation. She speaks and writes extensively on legal and regulatory issues surrounding cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology.

Q. What can stakeholders do on SEC’s enforcement action on Crypto?

Ans. The stakeholders can work with regulators to develop a more effective framework for cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology. It also involves the development of industry best practices and engaging with policymakers to sha[e in the regulatory landscape.