Trade in Bitcoin

How to trade in Bitcoin: Beginner’s guide to investing in bitcoin

(A Beginners guide to buying and selling cryptocurrencies)

Key points

  • Bitcoin trading is done on the CFDs and crypto exchange platforms.
  • Bitcoin trading platform serves as an intermediate between sellers and buyers.
  • Privacy and security are paramount concerns when you trade in bitcoin.

Crypto was a revolutionary idea that emerged after introducing the first-ever cryptocurrency Bitcoin in 2009. Bitcoin shocked the world by becoming the first-ever decentralized cryptocurrency and peer-to-peer network system.

Now it’s 2023, and digital currencies are ruling the world, and in the next ten years, they will shape our economy, becoming the backbone of the goal finance system.

While creating a system that does not require a central bank or intermediary, Bitcoin ensured the security and integrity of the transactions.

Bitcoin established the security and integrity of the transactions while pioneering a system without an intermediary and central bank.

Bitcoin trading can provide significant gains to investors. However, it can be daunting for those who need to become more familiar with the trading market.

Cryptocurrency has received immense popularity over time, and many investors are adding digital coins like bitcoin and ethereum to their portfolios. Though digital assets are highly volatile, they can also create ample investment opportunities.

Bitcoin is one of the most popular and demanded cryptocurrencies. However, when it comes to trading in bitcoins, there are many areas to cover that you can learn after having a thorough analysis of the crypto industry.

Trading in cryptos can be complicated and involves many risks. Bitcoin, officially introduced in 2009, is a highly volatile asset requiring much knowledge. Hence, you need safe practices to avoid market risk and fully benefit from the trading market. So Before you position yourself in bitcoin trading, here are a few tips you should follow and keep in mind.

Traders can experience lots of shifts in the market due to crypto volatility. To buy bitcoin, you need to set up a few things, an account on the bitcoin exchange platform, personal identification documents, KYC, an identity card, a payment method, and payment outside the crypto trading platform.

What is Bitcoin trading?

Bitcoin trading refers to buying and selling bitcoin from a crypto exchange platform. To safely trade and profit from the crypto market, it’s crucial to notice marketing movements. It enables buying bitcoin from a crypto exchange platform and expecting the price to rise.

As with any other asset, Bitcoin price is determined by market demand and supply. Cryptocurrencies investors use derivatives to keep an eye on the price and price downfall to make the best use of price volatility.

The cryptocurrency market depends on two critical factors: speculating prices through CFD or buying digital assets hoping they will rise.

Methods to trade bitcoin:

Traditionally, Bitcoin trading can be divided into two categories:- Bitcoin exchange or Bitcoin CFDs. The first involves:

  • Buying cryptocurrencies from a trading platform.
  • Hoping the price will rise.
  • Selling it for a profit.
  • This method heavily uses the exchange platform to match the servers, which sometimes can be unreliable.

Finally, the second bitcoin trading method relies on bitcoin price speculation on the CFD platform; traders speculate about the prices without owning them.

Bitcoin Exchanges

Bitcoin exchange is the platform to trade bitcoin online where you can buy and sell bitcoin quickly. A bitcoin exchange platform is an intermediate between buyers and sellers who exchange cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin exchange platform algorithms match buyers with best sellers who trade cryptocurrencies. As in stock and traditional exchange platforms, you can buy and sell cryptocurrencies using two market orders or limit orders.

In a market order, the traders allow the exchange platform to trade bitcoin at its best prices available in the marketplace. Contrary to this, in a limited order, traders will enable the exchange platform to exchange the currency below the current price and above the trading prices.

To make transactions on the bitcoin exchange platform, users must register and complete the verification steps to complete the authentication process. Once the authentication is complete, your account is opened, and you can quickly transfer the funds.

Typical Steps for bitcoin Trading on an exchange platform

  • Sign up or register on a crypto exchange platform
  • Fund your account
  • Start trading
  • Withdraw your cryptocurrency

Sign up or register on a crypto exchange platform

You need to sign up on the crypto exchange platform to start trading. The best crypto exchange platform available on the market includes e-toro, Gemini, and Coinbase. All these platforms offer excellent services to their users with a simple interface and a range of coins to choose from.

Users need to submit some basic details to start trading with these platforms. The account verification only accesses this information, and they are entirely secure.

  • Fund your account

Once you have created your account on the exchange platform, you need to fund your account to start buying and selling cryptos. Most crypto exchanges allow payment via credit cards, debit cards, or wire cards.

  • Pick crypto to invest in

Most crypto traders invest in popular coins like bitcoin and ethereum. However, diversifying your trading portfolio can bring many benefits, so choose an exchange that offers ample choices to trade in.

  • Start trading

Once you pick the crypto you want to trade, you can start trading. Of course, you can also go for the automatic, where the bot will execute a trading strategy that can offer you significant gains.

  • Store your funds

Keeping your fund on the exchange is never a good idea. You must buy a wallet to secure your fund if you actively trade any asset.

Hardware and software are the two main types of wallets available on the market. Both are safe, but hardware wallets are considered more protected because they are not connected to any internet.

Bitcoin CFDs (Contracts for difference)  

Bitcoin CFD trading is complex compared to Bitcoin exchange, but it can be a lucrative investment market. They have the potential to create immense wealth seeing the future movement of cryptocurrencies.

However, some risk is also involved in CFDs, like traditional investment markets. CFDs work for future prediction or speculation of particular cryptocurrencies like bitcoin.

Traders can also benefit from the market’s small and rapid price movement. Again, it is because CFDs represent the difference between the opening and closing price of any particular asset; the trader will have correct predictions about the price fluctuations, and if a trader makes a wrong prediction, they have to pay for the loss.

Structure of crypto trade

Bitcoin trading can be sophisticated and complex like any other traditional asset. Its price is determined every second by market fluctuations. Since the cryptocurrency market is highly volatile, new investors should know about the changes to navigate the market safely.

There are two opposite sides of cryptocurrency exchange:- Buying and selling. Someone can gain huge profits, some less, while it offers opportunities for everyone. There is no ending race; everyone can drive the race in their vehicle, and they have basic knowledge of how to trade bitcoin.

When buyers and sellers agree on the price, the trade is executed, and the asset price is settled.

Final Words

The cryptocurrency market provides ample benefits for everyone. If you have the proper marketing knowledge, this market is for you, and you can make big profits.

However, digital coins are highly speculative assets, so you should have a fundamental and technical analysis of the entire market before making any investment decision. This bitcoin trading guide will be helpful for you, and you will use the best of it to make profits.


Q. How much Bitcoin should a beginner buy?

Ans. It depends on your capital. However, it you should invest what you can afford. So invest what you can lose.

Q. How to Trade with Bitcoin for beginners?

Ans. Bitcoin is easy; you can trade on various exchanges such as WazirX and eToro. Exchanges are platforms where cryptos are safe. So to start trading, you must create an account on these platforms.

Q. How to earn money with Bitcoin?

Ans. If you own some Bitcoin, you can earn profits by trading these assets, leading, or staking. In addition, platforms like Cake DeFi allow users to lend some bitcoin with an interest rate of 5% APY.

Q. Who created Bitcoin?

Ans. Bitcoin was created by an anonymous person or group, Satoshi Nakamoto, who has been active in space since 2010.

Q. Which trading is best for profit?

Ans. Intraday trading can be best for beginners and investors. However, if you want to start trading, you can start making profits by trading regularly.

Q. Which wallet is safe for Bitcoin?

Ans. Coinbase wallet is a safe option for beginners. It provides various security options where you can store all your NFTs and Crypto.