PostFinance has partnered with Sygnum Bank to offer regulated crypto services

PostFinance is one of the leading Switzerland Financial Institutions, and retail banks have been partnered with Sygnum Bank, which is the first digital asset bank. The bank offers regulated digital asset banking services with their Sygnum B2B Banking platform. 

PostFinance has identified a high demand for digital investment services among its customer base, prompting the company to explore new offerings. PostFinance will utilize Sygnum’s B2B banking platform to integrate these services into its current infrastructure seamlessly. 

This platform, which is fully regulated and has a Swiss banking license, will allow PostFinance to provide access to various cryptocurrencies and offer new revenue-generating services, such as staking. Sygnum is uniquely positioned to provide secure connections between traditional finance and the world of digital assets.


Key Takeaways:

  • The partnership of PostFinance with Sygnum Bank enabled the launch with the expansion of online and regulated digital assets products and services for their customers. 
  • For now, Post Finance’s customers can buy, sell, or store numerous types of cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. 
  • Sygnum enables partner banks to quickly and cost-effectively enter the market with innovative, compliant, and regulated products through its B2B offering.

PostFinance is set to broaden its range of digital asset products and services for its customers. The collaboration will allow PostFinance clients to purchase, sell, and hold cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum using Sygnum’s. 

This decision comes after PostFinance identified a significant requirement for digital investment services among its clientele. In addition to cryptocurrency accessibility, Sygnum’s fully compliant B2B banking platform provides opportunities for PostFinance to offer new revenue streams, such as staking.


About PostFinance

PostFinance is a financial institution based in Switzerland that provides its clients with various financial services. It includes payment transactions, savings, investments, and loans. 

Originally part of the Swiss postal service, PostFinance became an independent company in 2013. It is now wholly owned by Swiss Post. PostFinance has over three million customers and more than 1,300 employees. 

The Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) regulates the institution. They operate as a universal bank, offering individuals and businesses various banking products and services.

In recent years, PostFinance has been focusing on digital transformation, introducing new digital services such as mobile banking and online trading to meet the changing needs of its customers.

PostFinance regulates by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) and is subject to Swiss banking regulations, ensuring the safety and security of its client’s assets.

The company got recognition for its commitment to sustainability, including being award the Swiss Climate Foundation’s Climate Award in 2021 for its efforts to reduce its carbon footprint.


About Sygnum

Sygnum is a digital asset bank that provides qualified investors with a wide range of products and services for digital assets. This digital asset bank starts in Switzerland in 2018 by a team of banking and finance professionals. 

Sygnum aims to bridge the gap between traditional finance and digital assets by providing a secure and innovative solution that complies with the highest regulatory standards. 

The products offered by Sygnum include a digital asset trading platform, tokenized services, custody solutions, investment products, etc. Moreover, the bank also provides advisory services for Blockchain-based projects.

The Swiss Financial Market regulates Sygnum Supervisory Authority. They are authorize to operate a bank in Switzerland and Singapore. They have offices in both countries and are backed by Singtel Innov 8. 


Sygnum Partnership With Bison Digital Assets

In January 2023, Sygnum partnered with Bison Digital Assets. The partnership aims to support Bison Digital assets to enter the global market with regulatory, digital asset, and trading services. 

Bison Bank uses digital assets to protect its customers’ wealth and create a regulated connection between traditional and crypto financial sectors. 

As part of its strategy to provide exceptional services to clients invested in cryptocurrencies, institutions, and High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs), Bison Bank has partnered with Sygnum. The collaboration seeks to enable Bison Bank’s clients to purchase, sell, and securely hold digital assets such as Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH).

Sygnum is both a digital asset bank and a specialist in the field of digital assets. Through its Swiss banking license with Sygnum Bank AG and capital markets services (CMS) license in Singapore with Sygnum Pte Ltd, the company aims to assist professional and institutional investors, banks, corporations, and other financial institutions in their investments in the digital asset economy.



In conclusion, the partnerships between PostFinance and Sygnum Bank highlight the growing trend of traditional financial institutions seeking to enter the world of digital assets in a regulated, secure, and secure manner. Furthermore, with Sygnum’s fully compliant B2B banking platform and expertise in digital assets. These partnerships allow for the seamless integration of cryptocurrency offerings into existing banking infrastructures.

Furthermore, Sygnum’s range of products and services for digital assets. It is including trading platforms, custody solutions, and investment products, demonstrates the increasing institutionalization of the digital asset economy. As more traditional financial institutions like PostFinance and Bison Bank enter the market. The demand for secure and compliant digital asset services expects to grow.



What is PostFinance?

PostFinance is a Swiss financial institution offering various banking services to individuals and businesses. It is including payment transactions, savings, investments, and loans.

What is Sygnum Bank?

Sygnum Bank is a digital asset bank offering various digital asset banking services. It includes a digital asset trading platform, tokenized services, custody solutions, investment products, and advisory services.

What is the partnership between PostFinance and Sygnum?

The partnership between PostFinance and Sygnum aims to provide PostFinance’s customers with access to digital asset investment services using Sygnum’s B2B banking platform. This will allow PostFinance to offer a range of cryptocurrencies.

How does Sygnum ensure the security of its client’s assets?

Sygnum regulates by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) and is subject to Swiss banking regulations. They ensure the safety and security of its client’s assets. Sygnum also employs the best cybersecurity and risk management practices to protect its clients’ assets.