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Decentralized exchange (DEX) is a new type of cryptocurrency exchange that enables peer-to-peer trading without needing a third party or trusted authority. DEXs allow users to securely trade digital assets in an environment where no single entity controls the platform.

This means that users can engage in trustless, permissionless, and secure transactions without giving up control of their funds or data. DEXs have become increasingly popular as they provide more privacy, security, and flexibility than traditional exchanges.

Furthermore, decentralized exchange platforms are often more cost-effective than traditional exchanges due to their lack of intermediary fees. As such, they are becoming increasingly attractive to cryptocurrency traders who wish to maintain greater control over their trading activities.

Understanding the TronX (TRX)


Decentralized currencies and new technology dominate the current era of the internet. Now, Most big companies like Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and Amazon control the data we generate. Our life somewhere revolves around these technologies.  Having some information of decentralized platforms…