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Responsibility of users or visitors

It is the responsibility of users or visitors to this website to comply with our Terms and Conditions and to comply with the respective laws or regulations to which they are subject.

Products and services

Not all products and services mentioned on the website are always provided by us. Your identification or use of the products, services, websites or networks of third parties does not imply an endorsement of such products, services, websites or networks. The website may allow you to access other websites and networks, provided by parties other than us, via hypertext or other links. We accept no responsibility or liability for the content of any website or network over which we do not exercise direct control. You agree that your access to such other websites or networks via links from that website may require us to disclose certain personal information about you to the owner of that website or network, including outside the European Union. Nothing on this website purports to be investment advice given to you by or through us, or which may be construed as such.

Third Party Promotions and Offers

The website may contain links or references to other offers from individuals not belonging to our group companies. Subject to any applicable law, compliance with which may not be withheld, we make no warranties or guarantees as to the quality, accuracy, merchantability or fitness of any goods or services offered by such persons. The supply of goods and services by these subjects to the user will take place at the latter’s risk. The user will hold all companies of our group harmless from any obligation, loss, damage, cost and expense deriving from the supply of goods or services by third parties accessible from this website, or related to such supply.

Market data

Any market data or other information appearing on the website, whether published by us or by a third party: (a) is indicative only and we and/or the third party suppliers are not liable if such information is inaccurate or incomplete; (b) we and/or the third party providers are not responsible for any actions taken based on such information; (c) the data or information cannot be retransmitted, disseminated, published, attached or shown in whole or in part to third parties, with the exception of specific legal or regulatory requests.


We comply with the obligations established by the legislation on Data Protection, which also includes the German law on data protection, the GDPR or General Data Protection Regulation (679/2016) and the discipline on the subject of Legislative Decree 196/2003. We will use the personal data that you have provided to us in accordance with the measures and conditions set out in the Client Margin Trading Agreement.


The user accepts and agrees to keep such data confidential and not to disclose them to third parties. The user accepts and agrees that any instruction or communication sent by himself or on behalf of him will be considered as made by the user himself, who will therefore have to answer for the consequences that such instruction entails. You authorize us to carry out any instructions we receive from you or from third parties on your behalf, to act in each case as if such instructions were given by you or by an intermediary who acted in good faith and is fully authorized by the user himself. The user accepts and agrees that the identification of the user is based on the personal account number and/or password and that he does not disclose this information to anyone, in accordance with the established internal procedures.

Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability

In no event can we be held responsible for any loss or damage suffered by you as a result of your use of our website or as a result of any failure or technical problem in the provision of the website. Our liability in case of negligence, breach of one or more conditions of the contract or contravention of any law resulting from a failure or technical problem relating to the provision of the website, which cannot be legally excluded, is limited, at our discretion and to the maximum extent permitted by law, to allowing access to the website or to one of its parts.


We will do everything reasonably within our power to keep the information on the website up to date. The user agrees that the information on the website can be corrected and modified at any time without notice. We have the right to modify these Terms and Conditions without notice at any time and the user hereby agrees to respect and to remain bound by the modifications made.


If any provision of these Terms is held by the competent authorities to be unenforceable or unlawful, such provision will be modified to allow its execution according to the law, in accordance with the purpose of the original text, to the maximum extent permitted by the law in force. The validity and enforceability of the remaining provisions of the Terms and Conditions will remain unaffected.

Intellectual property

All copyrights, trademarks, database rights and all other intellectual property rights relating to the website are owned by us or our licensors. These elements include names, terms and/or data not always marked with a symbol that identifies them as names, terms or elements protected by a copyright or a registered trademark. The absence of this symbol shall in no event be interpreted as meaning that such names, terms or data do not constitute the intellectual property of us or of one or more of our licensors. Any use of our intellectual property rights without our prior express written consent is prohibited.

Any third party intellectual property rights used by us in connection with our website cannot be interpreted as meaning that the third party owner sponsors or endorses us or our business, nor that they are in any way owned by us. associates or in any way claim the convenience of using the website or our financial products.

Unless this is necessary to view the data published on this website with your internet browser, or this is permitted by these Terms and Conditions, no data or text contained on this site may be reproduced, modified, sent to third parties via the Internet , linked to other sites, inserted, publicly performed, distributed or transmitted, in any form or by any means, without our appropriate written consent.

Communication and notices

The user authorizes us to send him communications of various kinds to the electronic mail address (email) that he himself has provided to us. It will be your responsibility to ensure that you have notified us of any changes to your email address. Any notices sent by us to the last email address communicated to us will be deemed to have been delivered to you at the time of sending.