Today Crypto Price

Today’s Crypto Price: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, and Helium traded with a slight gain.

After many days of living in the red area, the crypto market is finally recovering. Cryptocurrencies were trading with gains in the last 24 hours. Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other altcoins have shown positive with slight improvement. The most trending cryptocurrency was Frax Share, and today crypto price was seen moving in the green zone.

The total market cap of the cryptocurrency increased by 3.08% and reached $941.89 billion, and the trading volume went down by 12.1% to $82.4 billion.

The top-gaining cryptocurrency in the past 24 hours is Helium, which rose by 11.85% to $5.15. In contrast, the losing cryptocurrency was ChainLink, which declined by 4.73% and reached $7.71.

Key points

  • Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other altcoins have shown positive movement in the last 24 hours.
  • Frax Share remains one of the most trending coins within 24 hours.
  • The total market cap of the cryptocurrency increased by 3.08% and reached $941.89 billion.

Cryptocurrency Prices

Bitcoin is one of the most highly volatile cryptocurrencies. It showed ups and downs every passing hour. As a result, investors needed to get the perfect position to enter the market. Most of the time, Bitcoin was trading below $19,000 levels, but in the evening, Bitcoin traded with a steep gain and reached $18,600 to $19,000.

Later on, the Bitcoin value reached $19,400 levels. After that, the price of Bitcoin rose by 4.08% and reached $19,438.15, where its lowest trading price was $18,610.66, and its volume also went down by 11.28% to $50,798,932,600.

Ethereum was also reacting like Bitcoin, where it remained volatile most of the time. Then, in the evening, it started trading with gains and reached its highest price. The price of Ethereum rose by 4.25% in the last 24 hours and went to $1338.37.

The lowest trading volume of Ethereum was $1267.87, and its trading volume went up by 4.53% to $17,243,822,581.

Other Altcoins

Ripple also went up by 4.32% and went to $0.4415, and its trading volume also increased by 20.23% and reached $2,351,406,282.

Cardano rose with a small gain of 1.3% to $0.4355, and its trading volume went down by 23.75% to $538,048,913.

Binance also went up by 5.7% and went to $283.03, and the trading volume went down by 10.87% to $822,685,968.

Solana’s trading price goes up by 3.87% to $33.56.

Meme Coins

Dogecoin also increased by 2.54% to $0.06062, and its trading volume declined by 30.56% and reached 239,124,630.

Shiba Inu traded with gains of 2.94% and reached $0.00001117.

Why is Helium trading with gain?

Helium saw a good year in 2021, reaching a high in November. Unfortunately, this coin started low with the year. But now the market is recovering, and the coin is moving positively. The coin has been struggling in the long-running bear market for a long time.

Finally, the market is moving in the green area, with every currency recovering with the sight gain. The idea for Helium traces back to 2013 when its founder embarked on a mission to create decentralized finance. Helium, which was launched in 2019, also offers users a medium for hosting.

What crypto exchanges are saying about the current market scenario

Digital assets are extremely volatile; their value can change anytime. While the crypto market indicator differs, investors should consider fundamental and technical aspects before making any investment decision.

Most cryptocurrencies dropped this month in response to federal rate hikes. So despite the current market situation, cryptocurrency acts differently than expected. Instead, they have come across a more broad market exposure.

The crypto market was down well in the past few months, but it’s slowly recovering as September progresses. It’s primarily been down-struck in the past few months. Experts say HNT can soon reach a new level breaking the bearish trend.


Cryptocurrency is one of the most promising investment options of the current decade. The market is recovering, and we can expect a bullish market in 2023. Overall, the future of cryptocurrency remains uncertain due to its volatility, and it is difficult to predict whether it will continue to rise or experience a significant downturn.

if you are making any investment decisions in cryptocurrencies. We will suggest you do proper research before making any investment decision.


Q. Should I invest in Helium coins?

Ans. As per investment advice, The helium network will significantly grow in the future. Therefore, if you buy HNT at the current price, it can make significant returns.

Q. What is the golden rule in cryptocurrency?

Ans. There are many roles of cryptocurrency, but one most prominent is mitigating the risks. If you manage the cryptocurrency risks, you can make significant earnings.

Q. What are the benefits of crypto?

Ans. The benefit of using cryptocurrency is that it is a faster and cheaper transaction option. Apart from that, it is a very secure payment option.

Q. What is the most significant risk with cryptocurrency?

 Ans. A cryptocurrency’s value can rise and fall anytime. Therefore, the value of cryptocurrency depends on market conditions. So marketers should research the market condition before making any investment decision.

Q. Is crypto a good investment?

Ans. Cryptocurrency is one of the best investment options with significant returns. However, there are also downsides to investing in cryptocurrency. Investing in cryptocurrency and managing the risks can become the best investment option.