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Top 5 Must-Have Tools For Crypto Coin Trading

(Top trading tools that every investor should have on their bucket list)

Cryptocurrencies vastly impact the traditional finance world, with so many investors diving into this market. In past years it has sparked the attention of many investors. The simple explanation would be that cryptocurrency profits piqued the interest of investors in this sector. 

Investing in cryptocurrency can be risky if you are a beginner without market knowledge. However, one factor that makes winners ahead of losers is that they use the best crypto tools available to maximize the benefits.  

Whether you are a beginner or experienced, crypto research tools can help you to understand. This guide will provide a list of tools to help you in your crypto investment journey.

Best Tools for Crypto Coin Trading


Messari is one of the best tools, which is very helpful for investors and traders. It helps to analyze the charts and make better investment decisions. 

It has a screener with the sector, price, and market cap filters. You can do your customized research to use this tool. The tool can be used for free, .but if you want to use some upgraded features, you can upgrade Massari pro for $24.99. In pro plans, users get daily insights, market research, prices, and critical information. 

2. Glassnode

Glassnode is another innovative analytical tool that analyzes the data from chain networks. It collects the data from different blockchain networks to analyze the crypto network activity. After analysis, it shows the metrics and insights that will help the investors.

It can also be used as a market indicator to check the different assets and successfully view the separate addresses and transactions. You can also see the price data and set price alerts.

Glassnode market tier 1 access is complimentary, in which you can see basic features. A paid subscription per month comes in 2 premium packs. One is $29 per month and another is $799 per month.

3. 3commas

This tool offers many essential features for the crypto market, from daily insight into market prices to a trading guide. A trading terminal is one of the prime features of this tool. 

The tool gives access to connect various cryptocurrency exchanges, like Binance, and Bittrex, through a single interface of 3 commas. 

As a result, you can easily make trading decisions. It also offers intelligent trading features, such as trailing smart loss and smart profits, to increase the gain in real-time. 

Indeed, a modern-day attending quickly helps balance crypto portfolios in simple and more straightforward steps. With this, you can also do social trading by copying the ideas of the different successful traders.

4. Koinly

Koinly is one tool that is very helpful for investors and traders. It is one of the best tools to help balance your crypto portfolio. 

With Koinly, you can get an insight of different coins and track your cryptocurrencies on various exchanges. It also provides charts and graphs about the market price and movements so that you can make smart investment decisions.  

5. Altrady 

This tool is for those who want to deep dive into the crypto market and reduce the significant market risks. This tool allows you to trade on different exchanges with a single account. 

In addition, you can do real-time market analysis and updates about various crypto exchanges to make intelligent decisions. 

Altrady provides some of the most valuable features, like smart trading, scaled ladders, crypto journaling, and portfolio management. These features are not free; you can access all these features with a monthly subscription or annual subscription. 

Final words 

With increasing competition every day in the finance world, keeping some tools that help your trading journey is essential. These can give you tremendous advantages and marketing benefits. If you are looking to trade in cryptocurrencies, use these tools to increase benefits. We hope our recommendation will work best for you and help you to make the right decision for your crypto coin trading.