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What Altcoin Sherpa predicted about the terra classic

Altcoin sherpa and current luna price movement 

Terra classic (LUNC) is the native coin of the Terra Classic blockchain. It was launched this year in May 2022. Originally known as Luna, LUNC has all the properties of the original terra Luna coin.

Altcoin Sherpa is a cryptocurrency trader who started his journey in 2016. Since then, he has become a part of the crypto world. Sherpa is also a decentralized cryptocurrency of the Sherpa Cash platform. 

Sherpa cash focuses on improving cryptocurrency transactions by breaking the link between source and destination addresses. The protocol is run on the smart contracts, secret codes stored on the blockchain. Private transactions are significant for the Defi system.  

Terra classic is currently at the peak of its development, being a frontier for the blockchain and decentralized finance center. Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) currency trading for over $100, and a classic is (USTC) added to the million market cap.

This September, altcoin sherpa came into the headlines by stating that Terra Classic (LUNC) is expected to see a bearish moment. Tera classic is a decentralized platform for algorithmic stablecoins. 

After losing momentum, this yearTerra Classic (LUNC) gained slow momentum while the cryptocurrency market is still recovering. 

Luna technical analysis

Before the latest rally, the LUNC price soon recovered after the FTX debacle. However, technical asset analysis still shows the market will be bullish. Indeed, LUNA’s recent recovery is the result of the community’s hard work to save the coin after the infamous collapse. 

Popular Crypto Trader Altcoin Sherpa remarks

Altcoin Sherpa is a popular cryptocurrency trader and influencer with over 83,000 Twitter followers. Due to his big reach on the popular cryptocurrencies altcoins, such as Ethereum to Doge, many traders and entrepreneurs were to learn his opinion on terra classic. 

In September 2022, Sherpa tweeted that they are shortening the terra classic. On his Twitter handle, he posted that Terra Classic can continue to fall if Bitcoin (BTC) pulls back. Altcoin Sherpa’s predictions were somewhere accurate since LUNC was down by nearly 20-30 % over the past few months. 

Terra classic has been bullish in the past months seeing the considerable market crash followed by bitcoin, tether, Solana, ether, etc. however, the token recovered later and is doing good lately.  

However, Luna chart prediction reveals that the coin has gained gradual momentum in the past few weeks, with its relative index hovering around 60. It proved to buy pressure without too much buying.    

Of course, the market is in a precarious condition; there is no guarantee that it will see sustained growth anytime soon. One of the main reasons luna prices declined significantly could be the following tweet that Sherpa made in September 2022. 

Later, the Terra community also passes the proposals for a 1.2 tax on withdrawal and deposits of LUNC and USTC on terra classic. These proposals have changed the tax parameters for the luna platforms. 

The tax is applied on all the currency denominations available on the chain from September 20. It includes LUNC and USTC after the tax rules on withdrawal and deposits on the network, coin prices have been significantly affected.