Decentralized Exchange

What is a Decentralized Exchange (DEX)?

(This guide helps you to learn about the decentralized exchange platforms)

The digital world has advanced with many new technologies and market tools. Defi space is one of the most robust financial services of the digital world, which gave rise to Dex platforms.

A decentralized exchange or DEX is a prevalent form of crypto exchange platform where users can buy or sell cryptocurrencies. It operates in a non-custodial way without any intermediary involvement. As a result, funds can exchange easily and move from one wallet to another.

Decentralization is a blockchain based concept that has powered digital assets and cryptocurrency exchanges.

Let us understand in detail about decentralized exchanges, how it works, and what are its prime benefits. So, let’s dive together to make a better understanding.  

What are decentralized exchanges?

Decentralized exchanges Dex are peer-to-peer networks where cryptocurrencies can be exchanged without any third-party or intermediaries involvement. Dex gives a safe environment for traders where users don’t have to think about their fund regulations.

Decentralized exchanges rely on smart contracts to execute the transactions on the blockchain. On the other hand, centralized exchanges are managed by central authorities or financial authorities.

Smart contracts are instructions or automatically stored programs on the blockchain that only run when they meet certain conditions. They are types of pre-determined agreements signed between buyer and seller.

There are big lines of difference between Decentralized Exchanges and centralized exchanges in their financial and currency management services. However, centralized exchanges hold significant accountability for large trading volume in the digital market because they are regulated and offer new opportunities for newbie traders.

Centralized exchanges work by offering services like banks keeping customer funds and regulations. Their services involve keeping funds safe and delivering security and services, which makes it hard for customers to move their funds around.

In contrast, decentralized funds allow customers to move their funds without the interruption of a third party or authority, keeping the funds more managed. In Dex, Traders guard their funds using private keys. Losing a private key can be a reason to lose all your funds.

How does a Dex work?

Decentralized exchange platforms provide a non – regulatory asset exchange platform for crypto traders without any authority of a third entity or government. They are built on the decentralized network blockchain that supports smart contracts. Smart contracts are building mechanisms for decentralized platforms.

There are several designs of Dex, and each has its benefits in terms of features, scalability, and decentralization. Due to their innovative features, automated market makers amms are considering the most common type of DEXs. 

It allows instant liquidity, which traders can benefit from and earn extra passive income. DEX works like a money robot that quotes a price between two assets. It uses liquidity pools where users stake their money and can swap their tokens against it; the cost determines on the proportion of support in the pool.

One of the prime benefits of Dex is decentralization and immutable smart contracts. They facilitate high-speed transactions using smart contracts. Whereas centralized exchange facilitates the transactions using an internal matching engine. Decentralized exchanges account give buyers and sellers full custody over their funds.

These platforms only require two types of fees – network fees and trading fees. Network fee is the fee to pay for transaction costs on the network, while the trading fee is charges to maintain the protocol by users, liquidity holders, or a combination of these users.

The vision of decentralized exchange is to maintain a solid structure on the blockchain. This typically means all the rights are reserved by DAO, which community stakeholders will make, and any critical decision will be proposed based on their votes.

What are the benefits of decentralized exchange platforms?

The benefit of decentralized exchange platforms

Decentralized exchange platforms offer many benefits for investors to trade cryptocurrency.  


DEX offers a wide range of assets, from high to low-pricing assets and well-known to random assets. So you can prepare for a wide variety of projects. The Ethereum blockchain is the most well-known project where investors diversify their crypto assets.


Users who custody their funds on decentralized exchange platforms usually have a safe experience. They also have a lesser possibility of hacking. Dex also reduces counterparty risk because of smart contracts. 

Counterparty risks are often a result of contractual obligations, but since DeX involves no intermediaries, there is no risk. In addition, they have reduced some blockchain-associated risks that affect a large number of wallets.


Anonymity is a major benefit of decentralized exchange platforms. When a user buys and sells money on the DEXs, their identity never reveals. On the other centralized exchange, platforms do not maintain strict security measures. 

They also do not allow the standard KYC verification, which keeps your personal information. As a result, DEX is better for people who don’t want to reveal their identity.


Dex facilitates faster transactions and efficient space for the digital world. As a result, Dex has become increasingly popular in many countries where a solid baking structure is unavailable.

Decentralized exchange Risks

DEx facilitates the smart execution of transactions, transparency, and permissionless access. However, they also have risks that users need to be familiar with. 

Smart contract risks

Blockchain is highly secure when it comes to transactions. However, the code used in smart contracts can only be guaranteed to be partially secured. They have bugs and vulnerabilities that hackers can exploit and steal significant funds.

Liquidity risks

As the Dex is getting broadly popular, there are also risks associate with its poor liquidity conditions, affecting user experience and fund withdrawal activity.

Centralization risk

Since decentralized exchange platforms aim at decentralization and censorship, points of also centralized counterparts can still be present.  

Limited Trading Functionality

Decentralized exchanges focus on simple and buying orders. Users can find a need for smart tools such as stop loss and margin trading.

Tips for Using Decentralized Exchange

Decentralized exchanges have their own risks and benefits. So before you make any decision keep the advantages and risks in mind. Also, remember Defi has lots of opportunities to grow, and it can be the most popular industry in the future.

How to use a Decentralized exchange

Using a decentralized space is really simple. It doesn’t require lengthy procedures, and you don’t need email to interact with the platform. Anyone can join the platform using a desktop or mobile phone. Apart from that, it also does not charge any additional transaction fee. You can join the platform using a wallet that is compatible with the smart contracts network.

First, you need to ensure which network you want to use because it requires you to pay a transaction fee with each transaction. 

The second step involves the selection of a wallet that is compatible with the network. After Picking a wallet, you need to fund it to start the transactions. These tokens must have been bought on the centralized exchange and should be identifiable with the ticker symbol.

Final words

DEX is the next step in the evolution of the global cryptocurrency market. In the long run, they can power the Defi and the entire economic space. Dex has seen massive adoption in the few years due to its smart liquidity and other benefits. 

You can surely make big profits by trading with Dex. However, trading with any platform is your individual decision, so we suggest you do better research before making any decision. To use Decentralized Exchange, you will always have more freedom, and you can take prior advantage of it. 

We hope that this article remains helpful for you. Still, if you have any queries or questions, you can tell us in the comment section, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.