who created Ethereum

Who created Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin,28-year-old

Vitalik Buterin is a well-known name in the Ethereum and crypto industry; 28 years old, who created Ethereum. In addition, he is known as a Canadian writer and programmer and has been involved in bitcoin projects since 2011, confounding and writing articles for bitcoin.  

Ethereum, a decentralized, open-source blockchain and the second largest crypto coin by market capitalization, is well-known for several useful crypto Defi apps. Ether is a native token of the platform that is fuel to the platform. Ethereum is a strong, flexible platform where decentralized applications can quickly be built and deployed. 

However, when we think about the creation of Ethereum, the Russian writer, and programmer Vitalik Buterin’s name comes to mind. He is also known as the co-founder of Ethereum, the second crypto platform by market cap. The cryptocurrency coin was founded in 2013, and currency is in a growing phase after the Ethereum merger.

Before Vitalik co-created, he first learned about bitcoin in 2011 at 17. Like other bitcoin enthusiasts, Vitatlik was keen to learn about the decentralized payment system and Defi apps. 

The future of cryptocurrencies is based on the blockchain, one of the emerging technology of the current decade. 

Buterin is one of the youngest billionaires in the digital industry, with a current net value of around $1.5 billion as of November 2022. 

He traveled around the world in 2013 to speak and get ideas from bitcoin developers. He thought he could construct a new bitcoin, updated and better than the previous ones, by making changes to the Ethereum blockchain.

Ethereum Revolution

To better understand this idea, he compared bitcoin to a pocket-size calculator and a new blockchain to a smartphone. So he took this idea to improve and co-construct the Ethereum blockchain with better efficiency. 

He said a pocket calculator does one thing, but people also want other functions. As a result, he came up with Ethereum, which powers the native cryptocurrency ether. 

In 2013, bitcoin wrote his idea on a white paper and shared it with some of his friends, who distributed it to others. As a result, about 30 people reached out to him and discussed his idea. 

The project was officially announced in 2014. The core team involved in this project was Vitalik Buterin, Mihai Alise, Anthony Di Iorio, Charles Hoskinson, Joe Lubin, and Gavin Wood. Buterin and his team also presented this project at a Bitcoin conference in Miami.

Bitcoin is predominantly known for its peer-to-peer transaction, also one of the largest cryptocurrencies by market capitalization. 

On the other hand, Ethereum is more than that, capable of more than sole transactions. It can build and power decentralized apps, Defi systems, NFTs, and social media platforms. Buterin is the person who created Ethereum and gained massive popularity after that.  

Today Ether is the second cryptocurrency by market cap size and has a current market value of $146.79B.

Buterin, who created Ethereum, supports many essential functions, including developing apps and powering cryptos like Ether.