Young Platform launches the “pay-to-card” Service with Visa

Withdrawing the amount always remains a huge concern because few crypto exchanges allow quick withdrawal. Every cryptocurrency exchange comes with different features and policies to facilitate investors.

However, some crypto exchanges are developing a pay-to-card Service, which allows investors to transfer the amount from the exchange to a credit or debit card directly.

We are talking about Young Platform, which partnered with Visa and and started a pay-to-card service that allows users to withdraw the amount directly to their debit or credit card.

What is the Young Platform?

Young Platform is a popular crypto exchange and trading platform based in Italy. It was founded in 2018 to make it easily accessible to everyone. The Platform has a very smooth user interface and supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and several stablecoins.

Young Platform also has an app for Android and iOS for users’ convenience. Users can manage their portfolios digitally on their mobile phones. For more security, they have added two-factor authentication, including an SSL certificate and cold storage for securely storing funds.

Apart from all these things, the Platform is also providing some adequate educational resources, such as articles and videos, which will be very helpful in enhancing overall trading skills.

Features of Young Platform

Here are some of the prominent features of Young Platform.

  • The Platform allows users to trade cryptocurrencies, as they offer a wide range of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many more.
  • They have a simple user interface, which makes it convenient for beginners to start cryptocurrencies.
  • The Platform charges relatively less than other exchanges, with no hidden charges.
  • They are also providing study material, which will be very helpful in enhancing trading skills.
  • Young Platform offers integration with the Euro so users can trade with fiat currency.
  • They also have a strong community where people can chat about trading and investing.

Pay-To-Card Service launched by Young Platform

We have already discussed that Young Platform has launched a Pay-to-card service with and Visa. With this action, Young Platform became the second exchange providing this Service for the user’s convenience.

It is a significant milestone achieved by the crypto company to get partnered with leading players. is the only payment service provider that has created a new infrastructure by covering the payment value chain.

Visa’s direct expansion in Italy allows customers to make instant transfers to the cards worldwide. In addition, the joint initiative of Young Platform with Checkout and Visa is incredible, enabling customers to use Visa direct integration for a credit card, debit card, or any prepaid card.

It ensures a smooth customer experience for the real-time payments industry. Young Platform has an aim since its launch that anyone can easily access cryptocurrencies worldwide.

The idea for Young Platform came about when the founders realized there needed to be more user-friendly cryptocurrency exchanges in Italy. They wanted to create a platform that was easy to use and provided a secure environment for trading digital assets.

In December 2018, Young Platform launched its beta version, which allowed users to trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies. The company quickly gained popularity and attracted a large user base.

In 2019, Young Platform was selected to participate in the Startupbootcamp Fintech accelerator program, which helped the company further develop its Platform and expand its services.

In 2020, Young Platform launched its native token, YNG, which can be used to pay for trading fees and other services on the Platform. The company also introduced various new features, including a mobile app and a crypto debit card.

Today, Young Platform is one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges in Italy and has a growing presence in Europe. The company is focused on making cryptocurrency accessible to everyone and providing a secure and easy-to-use platform for buying, selling, and trading digital assets.

How to start with Young Platform?

If you are planning to buy cryptocurrency with Young Platform, you need to follow the easy steps below. 

1. Create and verify the account

First, you need to create an account by entering all the details, such as your Email address. Then you must confirm the address and submit all the required documents for verification. 

2. Deposit Funds

Once the account is created and verified, you must deposit Euro before moving further. You can also go with SEPA transfer from any bank in Europe. 

3. Buy Crypto

Now you can buy your first crypto with just two steps. First, the minimum amount you can deposit is €20.


Young Platform is on its mission to provide its users with tailored solutions while keeping some peace of mind by managing their money wisely. With more than 2 million customers, pay-to-card Service will play an exceptional role and bring more excitement to a broader audience.

We all know cryptocurrencies, and Blockchain Technology represents an excellent opportunity to create a sustainable future. With the expansion of pay-to-card Service, we may see some more upgrades in the future.


Q. Is Young Platform a secure exchange?

Ans. Young Platform is a 100% secure, reliable, and intuitive exchange where users can buy their favorite cryptocurrencies in the live market. As a result, even beginners can approach the world of cryptos and blockchain networks.

Q. How are cryptocurrencies stored on the Young Platform?

Ans. The cryptocurrencies are stored in a digital wallet of Young Platform. You can transfer your cryptocurrencies from any wallet. However, 85% of the digital assets are stored in cold wallets, which never connect to the internet.

Q. How can I deposit funds to Young Platform to buy cryptocurrencies?

Ans. You can deposit funds from the Euro Wallet section with the option of Bank Transfer. However, if you are a resident of Italy or have a bank account in Italy, then you will get more options to deposit funds. Here, you need to ensure that the bank account must have your name only, and then you can proceed further.